Welcome to the team, Emma Brown

We’d like to welcome Emma Brown, our dynamic & dedicated Pilates instructor who has joined the team at Kwendalo! With six years’ experience, Emma guides clients at all levels of agility & mobility in achieving their fitness and wellness goals.

She’s adept at creating personalized workouts with proper form and technique, while also being mindful of each class’s experience level and adapting quickly to their needs. Emma is passionate about fostering a constructive, supportive atmosphere through motivation and positive reinforcement, creating a focused yet relaxed and fun space for clients.

She’s committed to continuous learning and eager to contribute her extensive experience to new opportunities helping clients transform their lives through the practice of Pilates. Join Emma for an enjoyable class at The Studio surrounded by nature with beautiful views over the Kwendalo Estate.

Currently, Emma has the following classes available:

– Thursdays 8am

– Alternating Tuesdays 5.15pm

Book a class with Atma via hello@kwendalo.co.za, +27 44 004 0366 or +27 63 669 8006.


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