The Kwendalo Team Growing and Learning

Three of Kwendalo’s passionate Gardens team – Gift, Hope & Linda – have begun their six-month journey for their Permaculture Design Course certification with Alex Kruger and Kate Curtis.

Last weekend Gift and Dr. Matt Zyltra of our Kwendalo Institute attended the an inspiring three-day syntropic agriculture course at Amara Farm in The Crags, also facilitated by Alex & Kate. They left with many ideas of ways to improve regenerative food growing at Kwendalo.

The Kwendalo Team Growing and Learning 4
The Kwendalo Team Growing and Learning 5
The Kwendalo Team Growing and Learning 6

At Kwendalo, we love to be in touch with the earth and, with Nature as our teacher, we strive to meet her needs with sound ecological processes. This, in turn, provides harmonious food and medicine for the estate. The Chakra and Herb gardens have been designed by Chelsea Gold Medal winner, Paul Martin and, in balance with nature, our gardens and green spaces are apt to change and mature. Learn more about the Kwendalo Gardens.


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