“Trading Traditions” – Mungo Mill Partners with The Harmony Project

By Teach Tash Wilbert

Last week, our Bahai Formosa Grade 6 learners embarked on an enriching adventure to the Mungo Mill and Old Nick’s Wednesday Market. Guided by Jonica of the Mungo Mill, they delved into the intricate world of textile trade – from conception to weaving mastery – gaining valuable insights into the journey from raw materials to finished products. The questions they asked showcased their real-world understanding: a testament to the holistic approach of our Harmony curriculum – which was adopted school-wide in 2023 – making Bahia Formosa School the first Harmony-Accredited school internationally.

The heart of Grade 6’s Project for Enquiry is the overarching question: “How has trade changed throughout time?” This interdisciplinary overview blends English, Geography, History, Mathematics and life skills, allowing students to seamlessly apply their knowledge. Their six-week journey culminates in their very own Market Day at school where they produce, market, and sell goods, integrating their curriculum concepts and applying them practically.

Witnessing the Grade 6 boys’ “Eureka!” moment as they realised the practical applications of Maths in calculating profit was a personal highlight. In History, they unravelled the impact of trade routes on colonization connecting it to the Principle of Diversity further linked to consumerism which further sparkied discussions on fair trade and sustainability. These concepts – drawn from the CAPS national curriculum – are not new, but our transformative teaching methods breathe life and relevance into them.

The Mungo Mill’s partnership added another layer of depth to our learning journey. As a local business with remarkable sustainability goals and traditional manufacturing methods, it exemplifies real-world application of the possibilities of local trade. The interaction with market stall owners was pure magic, providing students with invaluable life skills and restoring faith in human connection. We want to offer our thanks and gratitude to everyone at the Market, and to Jonica and Tessa at Mungo for making this important local learning experience possible. The life lessons and kindness given will not soon be forgotten.

At Bahia Formosa, we believe education extends beyond the classroom. The ultimate goal of the Harmony Project in South Africa is to equip learners with practical soft skills for success beyond school. If you’re curious about our teaching practices and learning journey, follow us on Instagram. Together, let’s continue to explore, learn, and grow!

“Trading Traditions” - Mungo Mill Partners with The Harmony Project 4
“Trading Traditions” - Mungo Mill Partners with The Harmony Project 5
“Trading Traditions” - Mungo Mill Partners with The Harmony Project 6



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