Calling the Daughters (21 Oct 23)

Kwendalo invites you to an evening with Judy Bekker (on 21 October) to engage with inspiring conversation around the role of rites of passage in both urban and wilderness contexts. This event draws on Judy’s lifelong passions, as shared and celebrated in her recently launched book Calling the Daughters (which will be available for purchase on the night).

As earth burns and floods, heats, dries and storms, we seem to continue daily about our business – perhaps distracted and desensitised – and learning to live with cracking hearts as degradation unfolds around us. 

How do we best serve our children in these ragged times? 

How do we best serve ourselves and our communities?

This gathering is an invitation to explore our relationships with land, water and fire. An invitation to explore together the importance of marking and celebrating milestones for and with our children and ourselves… it is about modern day rituals and how to create and regenerate them.

The life stages between birth and death are many, and most pass without due attention or significance in our modern world. Yet the soul is calling for rituals to honour these times and for the generations that will follow.

The book is part memoir and part stories of daughters who stepped into a particular rites of passage process. It serves as a handbook and a reflection tool enabling others to bring this ritual and process into their homes over a ten-week guided journey.

The Essentials

Date: Saturday, 21 October 2023

Time: 18.30 – 20.30 (please arrive by 18:15)

Location: Kwendalo, Plettenberg Bay

Price: R50 (includes tea, coffee, refreshments)

The book Calling the Daughters will be available for sale and Judy has generously offered to donate 50% of the sales to The Harmony Project, which is being implemented by the Kwendalo Institute at the Bahia Formosa School.  Please consider supporting both Judy’s and Kwendalo’s work in this way.

BOOK before 14 October 2023:

BOOK ONLINE or via 44 004 0366 or +27 63 669 8006


Judy Bekker is South African and has spent over 30 years working with modern day passage rites and initiation for daughters, as well as guiding contemporary wilderness-based Vision Quests for hundreds of diverse people of around the world since the early 1990s. Judy is also well-known for her transformative work in gender reconciliation and deep facilitation .

Find out more on

BOOK ONLINE or via 44 004 0366 or +27 63 669 8006


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