Welcome to the team, Anne Saunders

Anne Saunders is a visiting Shiatsu therapist at Kwendalo with over 20 years experience. She has studied in Germany, England, Australia and South Africa.
She runs a busy practice in Cape Town and is expanding her work into the Garden Route. In her treatments, she aims to bring balance to the body and support the innate healing capacities based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What are the Benefits of Shiatsu Session?

Shiatsu is an energy balancing technique which works on the energetic pathways (meridians) running through the body. The therapist’s hands are the conduit to manipulate and stimulate energy at acupuncture points along these pathways. The treatment facilitates homeostasis which is the body’s natural process of balancing abnormalities. Shiatsu pairs well with reflexology as the meridians terminate in the reflex points of the feet, hands and face. A combination of reflex and shiatsu provides a holistically balanced treatment which contributes towards increased energy, improved circulation, and reduction in pain.

We are pleased to welcome Anne as a visiting therapist at Kwendalo.

Book treatments or enquire via hello@kwendalo.co.za+27 44 004 0366 or +27 63 669 8006.


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