Upcoming Dates for Kwendalo’s Signature Detox Retreat

In our frantic modern world, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves in increasingly poor physical and mental health, harried and buffeted by the fast-paced demands of life – feeling out of balance and unwell. In trying to keep to this pace, we have stopped growing and started simply surviving.

At Kwendalo, our holistic approach to wellness encourages self-knowledge, harmony, and growth. Nourish body, mind and soul during our signature Kwendalo Wellness Retreat comprising a three-day cleansing fast with vibrant juices, vitamin-rich broths and herbal teas followed by a two-day reintroduction of healthy plant food. Our first Kwendalo Signature Detox Retreat details below. During the retreat, our guests will enjoy a bespoke treatment plan to facilitate reconnection with the physical world, balance and revitalisation on a personal journey towards holistic wellness. 

The Dates

Accommodation for the retreat

Available at the Manor House at Kwendalo.

Please let us know if you have any queries or would like to make a booking: hello@kwendalo.co.za, +27(0)44 004 0366 │+27(0)63 669 8006


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