Unpacking The Harmony Project at Kwendalo

We find balance and harmony everywhere in nature: in the perfect geometric form of a wildflower, the singular six-pointed star of a snowflake and golden hexagon of honeycomb. We can learn so much about wellbeing, interdependence, and a sense of balance from nature.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.

– Thomas Merton

The Harmony Project has been an inspiration for UK-born entrepreneur and founder of Kwendalo, John Cavill. Many of the principles of the project have informed John’s development of Kwendalo – seeking balance and synergy in all things on the estate as reflected in the estate’s own ecosystem. John first heard of the Harmony Project in 2019 and found the project’s philosophy profound and beautiful in its simplicity: Harmony is a way of looking at the world and seeking to establish a deeper understanding of nature and to share that with others through a community of global Harmony practitioners.

The aims of the Harmony Project

  • To show how all life is connected and how the principles of harmony maintain a dynamic balance in nature.
  • To promote an understanding of how these principles can help us live and work in harmony with nature and with one another.
  • To support the adoption of an approach to learning that has the principles of harmony at its core, across diverse educational contexts.
  • To develop a network of Harmony centres of excellence and Harmony practitioners who apply the principles of harmony to the ways in which they live and work.

In understanding nature’s perfect harmony and self-sustaining cycles, we can understand how our own bodies function as part of this natural ecosystem and how, by focussing on balance and knowledge, we can return to a healthier relationship with our environment, ourselves and each other.

At the Harmony Project, this education work is led by Richard Dunne: headteacher, environmentalist and thought leader in education. Richard believes passionately, as do we, that learning can be enriched when children are engaged and have a key role to play. Richard, in turn, was inspired by a book written by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, titled: Harmony: A new way of looking at the world.  In the book, Prince Charles shares his views that our most urgent challenges are rooted in disharmony with nature and presents a compelling case that our solutions lie in regaining balance with the world around us.

Learn more about The Harmony Project here.

Author: Dr John Cavill, DBA – Kwendalo Founder


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