Atma O’Meara, a seasoned yoga instructor, health coach, and spiritual counselor, embarked on her yoga journey over five decades ago. From Sivananda to Kundalini, she mastered various styles, establishing herself as a pioneer in Cape Town. Her dedication led her to open the Little Samadhi Karoo Retreat, where she hosted transformative experiences for global visitors. Complementing her yoga expertise, she delved into Yin yoga and health coaching, enriching her offerings. With a background in dance and art, Atma brings a holistic approach to her teachings, inspiring balance, calmness, and compassion in others, while nurturing her own creative spirit.

Currently, Atma has the following classes available at The Studio:

Monday 9am – Yin Yoga

Saturday 9am – Kundalini Yoga

Classes are R180 each | 4 classes for R600 | 10 classes for R15