Farming Lifeforce

What an enterprising few days on the Cape for some of our Kwendalo team.

Gift (Manager, Kwendalo Gardens), Matthew (Coordinator, Kwendalo Institute) and Tash (Coordinator, Harmony Project) met up in Stellenbosch for a knowledge and inspiration harvest from various regenerative farming initiatives.

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This included visits to Babylonstoren, Stellenbosch University Botanical Gardens,  The Sustainability Institute, and the Spier Food Gardens. Additionally, Gift and Matthew then attended the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of South Africa‘s (BDAASA) AGM and conference held at Reyneke Organic (Vine Hugger), a pioneering vineyard at the forefront of biodynamic practice in the country. 

The gathering brought together a beautifully diverse group of BDAASA members eager to listen to various guest speakers including Farmer Angus (Spier), Johan Reyneke and colleagues. Participants also had the chance to engage with some artistic Goethean observation of Nguni cattle led by biodynamic training coordinator, Helen van Zyl.  There were plenty of opportunities for fruitful networking. 

“What really struck me was how diverse this small but vibrant biodynamic farming community is”, said Matt. “And the passion for a style of farming that might not always be easily understood but just feels right and feels good. That vibe really shines through in both the people and their produce.   

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Gift reflected, “It was a worthwhile trip with lots of inspiration. To be honest, I learnt many things…it was almost overwhelming. But above everything, is that when I look at Kwendalo now, I see there is a lot of potential – Kwendalo can offer much to this area. There is more that we can do with this land here to make it even more attractive to people.”

“The take home for me is that biodynamics is doing more than farming for the future”, said Matt. “It’s actually farming life force…cultivating and harnessing the goodness and vitality that all food should have.  And so I’m stoked that Kwendalo is now on that regenerative path and aiming to imbue this kind of aliveness in our fresh produce. “

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