Facilitators’ Skills Share

Last weekend, Linda – of the Kwendalo Gardens’ team – and Matthew of Kwendalo Institute attended an inspiring Facilitators’ Skills Share weekend organised by Cultural Connections (@culturalconnectionsza) at Bushman’s Pillow in the Tsitsikamma region.

The gathering brought together a diverse group of seasoned and emerging facilitators who share a passion for enabling processes that connect people more deeply to their sense of self, their communities, and the earth.

Facilitators were invited to share an element of their practice with the rest of the group.  Matthew offered a session from his long-time work in the field of human-nature connectedness, giving participants an insight into the ‘facilitators’ mind’. Based on his own doctorate research and field experience, Matthew mapped out a natural cycle (with example practices) for guiding people through a process that encourages participants to notice the energy and natural impulses of a group so as to facilitate more effective and impactful outcomes.

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Being new to this work, Linda brought an openness, readiness and a desire to learn that was favourably commented on by event organisers.  This, along with his friendliness and approachability, are already admirable facilitator traits and he has subsequently been invited to engage with future youth gardening projects organised by Cultural Connections. As much as this was a weekend of learning, it was also one of facilitator self-care and reflection that nourished all participants.

Linda and Matthew were very grateful for having the opportunity to be an integral and welcomed part of it. Thanks again to Cultural Connections and we look forward to further collaborations.

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